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REASONS are innumerable. Most Notable are:

Perfect. In Dhoom 2 they were cool and sexy. In Jodhaa Akbar they were gracious and romantic. In both fims they make the most convincing love pair you could ever imagine and do it so effortlessly you can't but believe. Both are similar in their near-to-perfection beauty (light eyes, fair skin, flawless stature) but none of them outshines another. They complement each other's beauty with intuitive readiness to give all that's necessary for the story to hold and win our hearts. Hats off, the most good-looking pair in modern cinema (and I mean outside Bollywood as well).

They became friends long ago, since making a Coca-Cola Ad. Then there was the Breathless Tour in 2004, with Ash & Duggu ruling the stage as amazingly skillful dancers. Then - their first film together and the off-screen interaction instilling the growing bond. And of course, God bless Abhishek Bachchan, Duggu's childhood buddy. Thanks to him, the couple in focus have chances to see each other more often. In her own words, at Jodhaa Akbar Music Launch Hrithik whispered to Aishwarya that even if there are no films for them to star together they should stay in contact notwithstanding, coz that's what friends do. Oh yes, they enjoy being together. Amen!

If friends share a kiss, be it only their job with no strings attached, it is always a special moment. Yes, they are in love with other people. But imagine yourself in their shoes. They are two exceptionally attractive human beings. Bollywood actors rarely kiss on screen. It is a bold step. Both professionally and personally. They even got sued for that! Tell me people don't get closer after such experience. And, let's remember how they did it. Well, actually how Hrithik did it (since Ash's part was "I-nearly-died-shock" which didn't let her respond properly). Notice, how gentle he caresses her face, presses her lips, catch an ocean of restrained passion in his eyes, movements of his face. The main thing is: these actors don't play, they ARE their characters. So, however professional it might be - a kiss is always a kiss.

Again. Tremendous mutual emotional experience. Jumping off a cliff (safety guaranteed nonetheless) is a great risk. To go through such adventure is unforgettable. Ash mentioned in an interview how excited she was about it, how fantastic she felt flying down, feeling the waterfall drops touch her face... Add - feeling somewhat happy that there was someone like Hrithik to hold on to.

If you saw the film, you understand. If you haven't - do it right away! Here you witness Hrithik and Ash's best performances to date. Never have I ever watched a love story so pure, so romantic, so subtle. Even non-shippers notice that these two on screen are a match made in heaven. And, comparing Ash and Duggu's rapturous comments on the shooting process (that took over half a year), they vowed to forever cherish this incredible journey. And so the friendship blossoms.

Hrithik put it straight. Aishwarya is his "favourite co-star ever". Not Kareena (with 4 films together), not Preity (3 films), not Amisha, not Rani...... but ASH. Fullstop.

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