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"The press was enamoured by the gorgeous, picture perfect pair. The audience loved them. They were there in hordes to see the lovely Jodha and the handsome Akbar off the screen. The venue was all set for welcoming the ‘royal’ couple." ~ Indiaglitz.com

“They give and take, action and reaction blends so well. They share a beautiful chemistry. The ability to see a couple on screen and believe that they are in love can come across only through their performances. Hrithik and Aishwarya never had to work on it.” ~ Ashutosh Gowariker

"Both Aishwarya and Hrithik supported each other during the shooting. I am really happy because of their on-screen chemistry." ~ Ashutosh Gowariker

"I really like her pairing with Duggu. I think they looked good together in Dhoom 2 and Jodhaa Akbar. I wish that pair all the best." ~ Abhishek Bachchan

"Aishwarya is a lovely co-actor. People liked us together in Dhoom 2, and now in Jodhaa... Let's hope we get more movies to do together. It's easy when you know the actors working alongside you. It makes the ambience less formal, more friendly, and that helps."

"Ash is a wonderful actor, a very-very selfless actor. And a wonderful human being."

"I did give it [the Dhoom 2 kiss] a lot of thought. There was enough reason and inspiration here to go ahead. I tried to make it as beautiful as possible. And I stand by it completely."

"She was like an inspiration at every second."

"Whatever action she does - she does it so well. She has natural body language for action."

“I was quite shocked to see the kind of intelligence she lends to her characters.”

“It was quite a task matching up to the world's most beautiful face.”

This time in ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ I will make sure that I take my character very seriously, and turn the tables on her so that she will be inspired by me, just as I was by her in 'Dhoom2'.”

“There’s lots of chemistry between Aishwarya and me, some of the most romantic scenes I’ve ever seen on celluloid but no, there’s no kiss."

"Aishwarya is my most favorite co-star ever. She’s completely selfless and gives her all to a film. She gave us tremendous support and is so sensitive to the concerns of her co-stars."

"Hrithik has been a special co-star. We've shared a fantastic rapport that gets translated into wonderful chemistry on screen. We're both genuinely committed to our craft. That apart, we share a special friendship from the time we did a commercial together many years ago."

"Hrithik and I find it beneath our dignity to even respond to these rumours. How does one explain something so baseless? We know how well we worked together and how comfortable we were doing our two back-to-back films, both so diverse in mood and era."

“I’ve done a world tour with him. He’s such a focused, dedicated and passionate actor. Working with him would definitely be an enriching experience. With every film I hope to evolve as an actor. With someone like Hrithik for a co-star that process of growth becomes even easier.”

"I was very lucky to get to work with Hrithik in two movies."

"Hrithik and I became friends on the sets of 'Dhoom' because we were all part of a team working in the movie. Hrithik and (my husband) Abhishek grew up together. They were childhood friends and I instantly became a part of the team."

'The energy that we share, the comfort level that we share; I think that is what translates into chemistry on screen."

"I had been approached for Vidhu Vinod Chopra's "Mission Kashmir". That's the first time we met. He was very new then. I was also offered "Krrish" but had no dates. We never came around to working together in a movie until "Dhoom 2". It was a very new genre for me. Doing "Dhoom 2" was a pleasure because of that friendship."

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